Tasks for Members

As a member, you may be wondering what to do during your open hours. Whether you’re a master gardener or a beginner, there are tasks you can complete to help beautify the garden. Here are some helpful hints:

Check and pick up trash, not only within the garden, but also outside the gate, clinging to the borders.


Trash by the birdbath.

Clear walkway weeds. Note: Part of the round patio has been adopted and is receiving special attention, so be careful in this area to make sure you’re not pulling up good things. Also, leave some of the prettier flowers, like the self-seeded violets, columbine and hollyhocks, along the edges if possible.


Weeds in the path.


A weeded path with columbine and violets left along the bed borders.

Deadhead faded spring blooms in the borders.


Faded daffodils that need to be deadheaded.


A tulip that needs to be deadheaded.

Cut up compost contributions. For compost success, the pieces need to be relatively small, if possible: plant materials in 4-inch pieces and woody sticks in 2-inch pieces. If you don’t have time to cut up sticks and contributions, then place them to the side for break-up later. There are screens on top of the sections where you shouldn’t contribute. If you are part of the compost team, you can also, of course, assist with other composting duties, like watering, turning or sifting the compost.


The compost area.

Prune the grapevine. Before taking the pruning shears to anything, ask for a tutorial!


Grapevine over the arbor.


Grapevine in early spring.

There’s also work in the borders to be done. To adopt a section, talk to Claire.


Summit and Columbia borders in early spring.


Border blooms along the wall.

During the winter, we need volunteers to shovel the walks around the garden and put out de-icer. The garden’s sidewalk is relatively shady and at a slight incline/decline, so the walking conditions can become a bit hazardous.


A snowy day in the garden.