Mid-May: Purple Reign

The entire garden is awash in purple right now. Light purple tulips and purple allium under a hops arbor greet visitors.

Right now the entire Summit Street Community Garden is awash in purple of various shades, from light purple tulips to deep purple allium to lilac…lilacs. It’s also the time of year when things change quickly. The tulips and daffodils of early spring have given way to late spring blooms, like irises, while hosta shoots have unfurled to full leaves. I had an unexpected hospital stay for a week and when I stopped by the garden yesterday on my first day out, I wondered, “How long was I gone?”

Plants have suddenly sprung up. This appears to be some sort of magic beanstalk.

The garden of a week ago is completely different from the garden now. Plants have shot up, as if the rain made them instantly grow.

If you have the opportunity, please sniff the lilacs! (Unfortunately, WordPress doesn’t offer a scratch-n-sniff plugin for the garden blog.)

Lilies of the valley are also fragrant.

It’s also a fragrant time in the garden. If you have the opportunity, sniff the lilacs in the back corner. There are also a few lilies of the valley. Visitors might also smell lemon mint in the borders, particularly at the corner of Summit and Columbia streets.

Alliums and irises are blooming throughout the garden, in the borders and in personal plots.

In other rain news, this past weekend’s chilly and rainy weather caused the cancellation of the garden tag sale. Stay tuned for a new date. In the meantime, here are some photos from the community garden in mid-May.

Alliums of varying heights are throughout the garden.

I swear my bleeding hearts were pink and white earlier. Maybe the rain washed out the pink.

If these flowers turn into strawberries, it will be my biggest strawberry harvest ever.

Purple flowers are blooming throughout the garden.


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