Enthusiasm Abounds at the First Meeting of the Season

The unseasonable cold did not sway many garden members from coming out for the first meeting of the season, March 25. Several members even braved the chill and sporadic flurries to get their hands in some dirt.


During the meeting, we established the meeting and workday schedule, as well as dates for the two fundraisers for the season.

This season’s garden meetings and work sessions will take place: Saturday, May 12, 10AM; Sunday, June 10, 11AM; Saturday, July 14, 11AM; and Sunday, September 9, 11AM.

The Tag and Bake Sale Fundraisers will be held Saturday, May 12 and Saturday, September 22, both from 10AM-3PM.

There may even be some more regular BBQs and pot-lucks, plus a Summer Solstice event is in the works.

Even though it is early in the season, members lost no time tackling the shed area cleanup, raking leaves and turning compost. It was refreshing to see the garden coming back to life, with the smell of fresh garlic bulbs helping to sustain the energy. All in all, members were eager to help make this season productive and fun.

And of course, what would any Summit Street Garden meeting be without the sustenance of Margaret Palca’s rugelach, washed down with some homemade chai and green tea.



First Garden Meeting of 2018: March 25

Some of the first crocuses of 2018 were up on March 1.

Spring is here! Well, not officially, but the crocuses and snowdrops are up, and the hellebore blooms aren’t far behind. The first garden meeting of 2018 is set for Sunday, March 25, at 11 am, followed by a workday. There will most likely be some light snacks. Subjects to be discussed will be open hours, box availability, a welcome to potential new members, the children’s box, the garden blog and social media, fundraisers, upcoming meeting dates and workdays and other topics. After the meeting, we’ll do some garden clean-up and early spring chores.

pale yellow crocuses in early spring against smooth black river stones in a garden plotIf you’re interested in becoming a new member, please attend the meeting for an orientation. It is free to join; members simply must keep the garden open a certain number of hours during posted times and take part in some garden events. Boxes are available on a first-come, first-serve basis. Please read our membership FAQ section for more information. Enjoy some early spring photos below!

snowdrop flowers against fallen fall leaves

Snowdrops are often the first flowers of the season.

A gray and white cat among garden boxes in a community garden

The somewhat shy gray and white cat who shows up in the garden was inspecting the plots in early spring.

Group of purple crocuses

A group of purple crocuses emerge in the side garden beds.

small clump of purple crocuses

Small crocus clumps provide color in the early spring.

A bright yellow crocus bloom

A cheerful bright yellow crocus heralds the impending spring season.

small lambs ears plants emerging in early spring

Leaves of other plants are emerging as well, including lambs’ ears.

crocuses and tulip leaf shoots

Pale yellow blooms of crocuses and green tulip shoots provide a cheerful contrast in early spring against the brown leaves of the previous fall.