Summer Solstice at the Summit Street Community Garden

Peach galette

Peach galette. Photo: Sondra Fink

The Summit Street Community gardeners kicked off the season June 21 with a solstice celebration. About 24 members of all ages showed up to share foods that evoked the summer: deep red borcht served with sunny hard-boiled egg halves, grilled rum pineapple slices topped with ice cream, bright seasonal strawberries, flaky peach galette, and other delicious fare. Both longtime and new members had a chance to socialize in the garden, and some of the youngest members played in the children’s area, a box designated this year for play and discovery. Check out some of the photos below!

Community gardeners eating under a grape arbor

Gardeners gathered for a solstice feast under the arbor. Photo: Claire Merlino


Gardener Amy made a deep red borscht to celebrate the solstice. Photo: Sondra Fink

Hard-boiled eggs, cut so the yolks show

The borscht was served with hard-boiled eggs, which looked like little suns. Photo: Sondra Fink

Grilled pineapple topped with ice cream and rum sauce

Gardener Claire made grilled pineapple served with ice cream and rum sauce. Photo: Sondra Fink

Strawberries and grapes

Fresh fruit was served to celebrate the arrival of summer. Photo: Sondra Fink

A garden member in front of a table with fruit.

The solstice gathering gave a chance to both new and long-time members to enjoy the garden. Photo: Sondra Fink

A boy and his dad in the community garden

Some of the youngest garden members (and their parents) had a chance to garden and play as well. Photo: Sondra Fink

Community garden members and children playing in the children's garden box

Summit Street Community Garden members got some gardening in, while some young members played in the new children’s box. Photo: Sondra Fink

Children digging in a community garden plot with someone holding a worm

The Summit Street Community Garden has a box dedicated for children’s play and discovery this season. Young gardeners at the solstice celebration were delighted to find a worm. Photo: Sondra Fink

A gardener eating watermelon.

Gardener Sondra enjoys some seasonal fruit. Photo: Claire Merlino

Gardeners hanging out in the Summit Street Community Garden.

Gardeners hanging out in the Summit Street Community Garden. Photo: Sondra Fink


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