Thanks for Supporting the 2017 Spring Tag Sale

slices of tomato tart

This tomato tart was the hit of the tag and bake sale.

Despite a cool, overcast day, the tag sale May 21 raised some funds for garden upkeep and maintenance! Thank you to all the gardeners who supplied items and baked goods and who helped out by setting up tables, selling items and doing end-of-day pack-up. And of course, thank you to community members who came by and purchased items for a good cause! Gardeners who participated in the tag sale had fun hanging out and meeting people in the community.

chocolate chip cookies

I didn’t take too many photos, because I was helping with the baked goods table, meaning I was eating most of the baked goods. I sampled one of everything and can report that it was all good, from the beautiful carrot cake to the cookies made with fresh ginger. The tomato tart made with fresh herbs from the Summit Street Community Garden was a big hit this year.In fact, most of the first tart was consumed within minutes of its unveiling.

We hope to see you at our next tag sale is Saturday, September 16 from 10 am–3 pm!chalk sidewalk sign outside a bank encouraging people to get cash and come to the community garden tag sale
tomato tart with tomato plant


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